Music Studio A

Sleek and modern music recording studio geared towards artists that are looking to record in a comfortable and professional environment with one of our expert engineers.

The space features a fully sound treated booth and production suite with 2″ Owens Corning Fiber Board insulation and 4″ Safe and Sound Rockwool insulation panels. The booth has a large window into the production suite that allows the artist to communicate with the engineer.

The production suite features wall mounted sound panels and two strategically placed base traps that together produce a clean and crisp sound. The suite also includes couches and chairs that allow artists to create in comfort.

Recording Equipment Specs:

  • Neumann U-87 Microphone
  • Neve Shelford Channel Outboard Preamp/EQ/Compressor
  • Apollo X6 Interface
  • Yamaha HS-7 and KRK Rokit-5 Studio Monitors
  • Big Knob Monitor Station
  • Midas M32r Mixing Board
  • 2020 Mac Mini with 64 gigs of ram



Rental Rate Starts at $75 hr comes with engineer.