Encompassing a full, state-of-the-art audiovisual production studio and photography and videography team, Brightside Creative is the home of creative solutions.

Brightside Creative boasts two state of the art recording studios to suit whatever your needs are as an artist.

About Us & The Facility

At Brightside Creative, we have a full-service audio production suite, professional acoustically-tuned vocal recording booth, a plethora of analog gear and high-end hardware, as well as a live performance and rehearsal stage, PA system, and live sound mixing capabilities. Brightside Creative also boasts a full scale photography and videography studio that includes a full cyclorama wall and various backdrops and lighting features. From producing, mixing, and mastering records, to performing a live concert, livestreaming, podcasting, and radio commercials, or creating photo and video content, we’ve got you covered.

Graphic Design
Our in-house designer and our wide team of partners are well-equipped to handle any of your needs, from infographics, to document design, to cover
Full-scale, professional photoshoots across our entire location, delivering stunning headshots, portraits, and more. Perfect to launch your brand, create flyers, or photograph products.
With our in-house producer and through our partners, we can handle productions from scratch, re-productions, and full-scale project productions.
Recording, editing, production, mixing, and more! If it has anything to do with vocals, we’ve got you.
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